Seneca Valley Wrestling Association

2023-24 Club Fee Reimbursement



This registration is for club fee reimbursement.

The Board of Directors of the Seneca Valley Wrestling Association is excited to announce the new “Club Dues Reimbursement Program”. Under the program, the association will reimburse families 50% of monthly dues paid to any local wrestling club beginning December 1, 2023.

We recognize that wrestling clubs have been and will continue to be a key part of the success of our organization. The coaches encourage our families to attend school practices, while adding club practices as their schedules allow. In addition to different practice partners, clubs provide the advanced level of technique needed to be successful in our highly competitive region.

Currently, Seneca Valley families receive an upfront discount with OMP Wrestling Club (Sewickley, PA). Beginning December 1, 2023, families should pay the full dues amount to all clubs, including OMP, and submit a reimbursement request through the new program. Further information on how and where to submit requests will be provided over the next few weeks, but please see below for important details:

  •          Reimbursements are available to active wrestlers on the Seneca Valley Youth, Junior High, Women’s, and High School teams, during the December-March season.
  •          Reimbursement requests must be submitted in a timely manner and be accompanied by a receipt/proof of payment.
  •          If able, families should take advantage of any multi-month or sibling discounts provided by the clubs.
  •          Reimbursements are available as funds permit and the program can be changed at any time without notice.


Please direct questions to:

Melissa Smith